Crepuscolo op piazza Maggiore

    De avond valt op piazza Maggiore. De schemering neemt Bologna over. Crepuscolo heet dat, een prachtig woord voor een prachtig moment van de dag.

Fiori di primavera!

Filastrocca di primavera più lungo è il giorno, più dolce la sera. Domani forse tra l’erbetta spunterà la prima violetta. O prima viola fresca e nuova beato il primo che ti trova, il tuo profumo gli dirà, la primavera è giunta, è qua. Gli altri signori non lo sanno e ancora in inverno si crederanno: […]

Happy women’s day! Auguri alle donne!

It’s international women’s day, and here in Italy you can’t miss it, since mimosa is the national symbol of this day. The idea is that every woman should get a bouquet of mimosa, from her husband, neighbour or a total stranger. I got mine from Andrea and Luna. Why mimosa? Because this plant is flowering exactly […]

A funeral in Borgo di Vigoleno

From our castelroom we hear the church bells from the medieval church. And old soldier from Vigoleno died, and the bells are ringing to remember him. It’s raining and the umbrella’s create a surrealistic atmosphere. The old soldiers friends are singing a quiet song as they walk behind the black car….“E morto un partigiano”

Tortelloni time!

One of the many nice things about living in Italy is the food. And Bologna (being the cradle of the fresh pasta) is irresistible. This is where I bumped into this morning on my way to work: tortelloni alla zucca, fresh pumpkin pasta. Buon apetito!

Snow in Bologna!

Bologna turned white this afternoon. Including this (already quite white) Vespa. Is the snow here to stay? The weather forecast is not sure about it…..We will see tomorrow!

Mattarella: the new Napolitano

De Italianen beginnen hun domenica met de krant en een koffie. Het nieuws van vandaag? Italie heeft een nieuwe president: Sergio Mattarella. The Italians start their sunday with the newspaper and a coffee. Today’s news? Italy has a new president: Sergio Mattarella.